Sponsored by NFIB — The Voice of Small Business

  • Small businesses represent 98.0% of all employers in North Carolina and employ 47.8% of the private-sector labor force
  • 59% of small businesses do not have plans to hire in the next six months due to poor business conditions
  •  6.7% state unemployment in North Carolina (416,565 unemployed North Carolina workers as of 7/2)

North Carolina small businesses are calling on leaders in Washington to make common sense reforms to the regulatory process. With thousands of regulations in the pipeline, NFIB is working to protect small businesses from Asheville to Wilmington from the growing number and burdensome nature of federal regulations. NFIB supports eliminating uncertainty and red-tape by increasing small business input as regulations are developed, ensuring greater transparency and peer review of the data and science on which regulations are based, and requiring a thorough review of regulations’ benefits and costs. These steps are essential to enable small businesses to expand, hire and invest and ultimately make America’s economy healthier.

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