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Small Businesses Need a Smarter Regulatory System

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Delaware News Journal this week published a column by David Lyons, owner and CEO of the insurance brokerage firm Lyons Companies in Wilmington, Delaware, about the impact the outdated federal regulatory system has had on small business development both in Delaware and nationwide.

As Mr. Lyons points out in the article, “Regulation is necessary, it’s essential and it can be productive –but it has now overgrown into a thicket of local, state, federal (and even international) requirements that make entrepreneurs defensive and suppress job creation and stunt economic recovery.”

With 3,305 regulations in the pipeline, small business owners, like Mr. Lyons, are struggling to comply with a growing regulatory system that contains duplicative, outdated, and inefficient rules. Small business owners are looking to Washington to help streamline the rule-making process, by creating a smarter, more transparent process.