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Oakland Press Column: Regulations Hurting Business Growth

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Oakland Press published a column last week by Christopher Zayid, senior vice president of Affinity Home Care Agency, in Commerce Township, Michigan. In his piece, Zayid explains the difficulties he and his family have faced complying with federal regulations since starting their own business. He notes that regulation itself is not a bad thing, but that the accumulation of regulations overtime becomes a “self-defeating puzzle” – particularly when the Code of Federal Regulations runs nearly 175,000 pages today.

Zayid continues: “Almost every new regulation brings new costs – costs that small businesses in particular have trouble absorbing. And that’s a major reason why most small businesses have stopped hiring. It’s hard to invest in expanding your payroll when you don’t know what costly new regulation is lurking just around the corner. Out of control regulation is discouraging the small businesses, like mine, that should be key players in America’s economic recovery.”

Encouraging a bipartisan change to the regulatory system, Zayid suggests that serious regulatory reform would involve applying an independent cost-benefit analysis in evaluating new proposed regulations.