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President Obama’s Rate of New Regulations

Monday, 12 November 2012

This past year, small business owners have been nervous about the upcoming tidal wave of regulations that NFIB predicted would occur if President Obama was reelected. Small businesses across America had been looking forward to Election Day hopefully stopping the regulatory tidal wave and bringing change to the regulatory process.

Unfortunately, due to President Obama’s reelection – their fears are coming true. According to CNS News, the Obama administration posted 165 new regulations and notifications on the regulations.gov website on Friday alone. This astounding rate of new federal regulations does little to soften small business owners’ fears about the future – and in fact just makes the uncertainty of the next year worse.

CNS News notes:

It’s Friday morning, and so far today, the Obama administration has posted 165 new regulations and notifications on its regulations.gov website.

In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.

Hopefully, President Obama and his administration will start to seriously look at regulatory reform, as it greatly impacts small businesses ability to help our economy get back on track.